As Principal-In-Charge, David B. Turner, P.L.S., is responsible for the direction and allocation of the firm's resources. Mr. Turner has over twenty-five years of experience in both the public and private sectors. He has completed a wide variety of projects in California, Arizona, and South Dakota and has extensive experience in construction management, resource and manpower allocation, contract administration, cost estimating, planning, surveying and engineering designs. He maintains a "hands-on" management philosophy and is involved with every project. His field and office experience combined with his management skills and education afford a full working knowledge of what each project entails not only from a management level but from knowledge provided by actual field experience adding to his creative solution oriented style.
David K. Rice, P.E., PLS, as Director of Engineering, has more than forty-five years of progressive experience in the engineering profession and land surveying in the Western and Rocky Mountain States. Mr. Rice’s professional development has included employment with several engineering and surveying firms, as well as with developers. As Project Manager, Senior Designer and Systems Manager, his experience includes overseeing civil engineering design and survey projects while providing processed field information and technical support for survey crews in California, Colorado, South Dakota and Nebraska.
Mark A. Turner, P.L.S., as Director of Survey, is responsible for field and office survey operations. With over thirty years of survey experience he is responsible for scheduling and oversight of field survey operations as well as project planning and production of office calculations, boundary analysis, legal descriptions, and survey mapping. He has been involved with a wide variety of major projects throughout his survey career and has been professionally registered for twelve of those years. His project experience includes State, City and private sector employment, ASCM/ALTA Land Title Surveys, aerial photogrammetry ground control surveys, topographic surveys and construction surveying for Federal, State and City highways/streets, bridges, airports and structures. He has successfully completed a wide variety of projects in California, Arizona and South Dakota.
Dan Fissori, Director of Planning, has several years of managing and directing community development programs. Dan’s experience includes twenty years directing community development programs in land use and environmental planning, building and safety, redevelopment and economic development, strategic planning, small business assistance and community marketing. In addition to being an A.I.C.P. planner, (American Institute of Certified Planners), Dan has specialized experience in Riverside County and the Coachella Valley as a public planning director, consultant planner and engineering project manager.
Dee McKown, Project Manager, is responsible for the communication and coordination of the surveying, planning and the civil engineering departments with all outside agencies, municipalities and state jurisdictional agencies. She is responsible for the coordination of staff production with client expectations and effectively manages the programming schedule to accomplish the goals as assigned by the client and determined by the team. Ms. McKown’s previous project management and coordination experience serve her well in maintaining accurate project timelines and open client communication.

Laurel Bates, Head of Accounting, has over 30 years experience in the field, more than half of which is in construction-related industries.  She is responsible for billing, contract administration, payroll and maintaining all financial records.  She is currently working on her B.A. in business and finance.

Chris Groen, P.L.S., Designer and Sr. CADD Technician,has more than 10 years of experience in land surveying, and engineering in California and South Dakota. He is responsible for the development and integrity of CVE CADD standards, boundary and survey analysis/mapping, engineering plan preparation and legal documentation.
Jim Schmitt, E.I.T., Designer and CADD Technician, earned a B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering with Latin Honors from UCLA in 2009. His primary responsibilities include engineering design, CADD drafting, coordination of plan submittals and organizational tasks, as well as correspondence with agencies, consultants and clients.

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